About Us

The West Yorkshire Racial Justice Network brings together over thirty organisations and individuals from across the region to proactively promote racial justice.

The Network uses training, research and information updates on key policy, strategy and legislation to empower its members to challenge racial injustice and inequality. Members work collaboratively to respond to issues which have an adverse impact on Black and Brown communities. The Network also uses campaigning and advocacy to ensure the primacy of Black and Brown voices in decision-making and resource allocation.

This will lead to bringing back of racial equalities to government agenda, improved practices within local authorities, and, and positive images of Black and Brown communities being portrayed in the Media.

Our Aims

The West Yorkshire Racial Justice Network aims to:

  • Have its members work together, in solidarity as a group, to bring racial justice to mainstream thought.
  • Campaign for improved delivery of services to Black and Brown communities.
  • Be an influential voice on issues of racial justice across West Yorkshire.
  • Be regionally as well as well nationally recognised as an authority in what we do as a network, and as individual member organisations.
  • Be a platform for enhancing the understanding of member organisations of the diversity of issues affecting racial justice.
  • Be a sustainable resource for future projects and future generations of activists.
  • Stand as a unique movement that is both made up of a diversity of communities as well as represents the diverse priorities in racial justice.
  • To be a non-biased and independent network that is bigger than any one organisation or community of interest.


Our Values

  • Be united upon a clear vision and purpose.
  • Share ownership over the network.
  • Recognise that people contribute and learn differently; and everyone is to be respected.
  • Be open to learning and sharing.
  • Be inclusive.
  • Uphold a “family” atmosphere where no member feels judged or minimised.
  • Work collaboratively and in solidarity.
  • Encourage growth and diversification.
  • Be non-biased and independent.
  • Be time and cost-effective.

The Racial Justice Network is a registered charity no. 1165804

Our Objectives

The Racial Justice Network will achieve its aims through the following:

  • Find a variety of easy and effective communication tools that suit the different styles of network members.
  • Draw on the expertise found within the membership of the Racial Justice Network.
  • Network members share information and good practice with each other.
  • Network members actively participate and commit a small but consistent portion of their time to the network.
  • The network coordinator to make clear calls to action when needed.
  • Listen to the Black and Brown communities and respond positively to the identified needs.
  • Responding collectively and in solidarity to challenges to racial justice.
  • Member organisations to support one another.
  • Being creative and thinking outside the box.
  • Support the network coordinator in leading the network.
  • Form a steering group from among the members.
  • For the network to take concrete action; remaining focused and not getting side tracked into petty stuff.
  • Network members attended meetings stating their two hats; their project/organisation as well as their membership within the network.
  • Adopt non-bureaucratic processes for the internal running of the network.
  • Grow to include larger numbers and a greater diversity of cultures.
  • Build partnerships with other racial justice groups regionally and nationally.


Upcoming Events

holistic, economic, spiritual & cultural repairs to end racial injustice & address legacies of colonialism

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