Hope not Fear, This Election…

As an anti-racist organisation, we are urging everybody that can to get out and vote in what looks set to be one of the biggest election in our lifetimes. 

Whilst we maintain that change primarily occurs outside of electoral politics, there is simply too much at stake to stand by in this election. Indeed, as the last decade of austerity has shown, when inequalities deepen, racial minorities are too often at the sharp end.

If we turn out to vote, Black, Brown and migrant communities have the power to influence this election and we must take it. We must also count on others to stand in solidarity with us, and we must vote for those of us who can’t. 

The choices at this election could not be starker. There is a real opportunity to vote for change that will improve many lives. 

We must push to end the hostile environment, to save the NHS, to tackle poverty, invest in education, deal with the climate emergency and address the mental health crisis. All of these issues disproportionately impact upon our communities.

Look beyond the tabloid press and unsubstantiated claims by a skewed media and look at the track-records of the party leaders on issues of race and racism.

Whatever happens tomorrow, we will be ready to hold the new government to account and our grassroots work and commitment to Race Justice will, necessarily, go on. Let us do so in hope, not fear

By Remi Joseph-Salisbury @RemiJS90

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