What is progress?

About this event

There is never enough time, is there, to really get into the language  and concepts that are floated around in regard to Climate and Race  Justice? 

The aim of these deepening sessions is to allow us time to do just  that: to explore the language as it is used and by whom and what our  words might mean to us who are striving for Justice.

This month we are asking the question: ‘What is Progress?’

Connected to last months session on Colonial time and Colonial Space, we reflect upon what it is that constitutes progress in our movements, in our activism and in our lives given the hegemonic realities of modernity.

Is there any way we can escape its grasps to really constitute a new mandate for progress?

What is your personal ‘progress’ trajectory and how much do you get caught up with or caught out by modernity’s missions?

Is progress actually a default mode of modernity as a way out of standing in accountability to the past with all of the violations it implies?

Is activism itself driven by this trauma informed reaction to human havingness or human doingness as opposed to human beingness?

Join us to share all of these questions and more in a short 90 minutes of reflection.

Date: Thursday 30th June 2022

Time: 18:00-19:30 BST

Venue: Online event

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