Shifting Perspectives Magazine

Submissions are now open for the first issue of the Shifting Perspectives Digital Magazine – a multi-format magazine commissioned by The Racial  Justice Network.

The Shifting Perspectives magazine is a contribution to a wider conversation about  liberatory movements; holding that our ethics towards community-building shape not  only the world we want to build, but also the process through which we build that  world. 

Liberatory movements are synonymous with community. Even before the pandemic  started, communities have become more online, and in many cases, crucial to  organising. As we’ve seen, online communities also have the potential to be  dogmatic and divisive, and these conflicts often have real world and life impacts that  saps energy and will from people and movements committed to liberation. 

Through the ages, from the efforts of previous generations, our movements have  transformed in many ways for the better, and some ways for the worst. This  magazine invites submissions that help us to understand our movements, and the  dynamics that take place within them. With this, we may better understand the traits  of contemporary activism that we must hone, as well as what no longer serves us,  and hinder our efforts to build sustainable and transformative communities. 

At present, the Shifting Perspectives magazine is part of a larger project based on  the same themes, that will later involve a launch event and participatory action  research.

How to apply 

As the focus of the magazine is on understanding our movements and their  dynamics, we are looking especially for creative explorations that may cover themes  such as: 

Ways in which we can overcome the challenges of multiple and contradicting  truths 

Positionality and perception 

Power in activism 

Accountability and Conflict 

Perfect activist standard 

Included submissions may explore these themes or similar, offer knowledge on how  the contemporary dynamics of liberatory movements, or speculate on how we can  transform our movements with these themes in mind. 

All formats are welcomed. 

Successful applicants will receive £100 for each included submission. 

The submission deadline is the 1st of August 2022. Submissions can be completed  or in the progress, if they can be ready for the magazine launch by late-August. You  can make up to two submissions. 

To make a submission, email us at Please  include: 

  •  Full name 
  • Social media handle/website 
  • A download link to your submission(s) or an attachment. 
  • For submissions that involve artwork, audio or film, a download link is  preferable, such as google drive or wetransfer. 
  • Film and audio of no longer than 15 minutes (or with time mark) PDF document of 8 pages or less for written submissions 
  • The titles of your submission with a brief description and/or background to help  provide context. 
  • A brief bio in the body of your email.

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