The Racial Justice Network are providing a Black and Brown space for people to come together as part of a community so we can listen, share or just be present. A space outside the newsreel and social media frenzy to connect, give support and repair.

As Black and Brown people it is important to put our well-being first in order to keep this movement pushing forward. We must look after ourselves and one another, being careful not to burn-out. The aim of Black and Brown spaces is to deepen our understanding and engage in meetings that move beyond the news cycle and work towards lasting change. A chance for us to speak, rather than be spoken for or about. We are seeing a shift in conversations around race, racialisation and racism, as Black and Brown people what does this mean for the different identities and spaces we must navigate.

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Black & Brown Space:
Part I


Black & Brown Space:
Part II Building Alliances: Resisting Divide & Conquer


Black & Brown Space: Part III Mobilising & Organising