Areas of Work

Activism and Mobilising

We listen and work with communities on effective ways of challenging oppressive practices effectively. We support individuals to embolden confidence and skills to tackle challenges, connect and grow networks. We support individuals and groups to run campaigns, reach out and mobilize others for strength and solidarity. Current work includes #StopTheScandal, a campaign to resist the extension of mobile biometrics used in police stop and search connected with faulty Home Office data.

Research and Reports

We report on situations, experiences and undertake research on issues relating to individuals and communities are engaging with. We conduct researches and reports in partnership.

Informing and Influencing

Through networking and other activities. We engage and take spaces that make or enforce decisions that affect marginalized communities to inform and influence

We consult with authorities, policy and decision makers to ensure voices of often unheard are being heard.

We deliver events, seminars to inform audiences about injustices and policies. We also contribute to key policies and Bills

Training and Workshops

We offer consultancy and deliver bespoke training using a range of facilitation techniques including direct education. We cover a wide range of topics related to migration, campaigning, organizing with special focus on race, racism and radicalization.


We engage with different forms of media to raise awareness about ongoing issues like television, radio, social media and also write articles for newspapers and magazines.

We offer talks in the form of seminars, public speaking, panels discussions on a range of topics.