Racial Justice Network statement on the unjust conviction of the Stansted 15

The Racial Justice Network statement on the unjust conviction of the Stansted 15    We at the Racial Justice Network are deeply troubled by the conviction of the Stansted 15 this week. We have to ask important questions about what this says of our ‘justice’ system, and wonder what implications such a decision has for the right toContinue reading “Racial Justice Network statement on the unjust conviction of the Stansted 15”

Travelling while Black: From Dr. Who to Ryanair

Earlier this week many tuned in to watch an episode of Dr Who that featured the civil rights icon, Rosa Parks. The episode has quite rightly been lauded for shining a light on racism but we must recognise that, in isolation, there are limits to the episode’s effectiveness as an anti-racist intervention. Rather than focusingContinue reading “Travelling while Black: From Dr. Who to Ryanair”

Glasgow resists the Hostile Environment

Immigration Control & The Hostile Environment Policy as Colonial Legacies Ubuntu Women Shelter is a charity set up to provide temporary and emergency accommodation for women with no recourse to public funds. By Law, Glasgow City Council does not owe these women a duty of care. This is an initiative conceived and developed by members ofContinue reading “Glasgow resists the Hostile Environment”

Botswana on the horizon, Jackie’s story

Racial Justice Network and anti-racist movements will lose a local activist on the 31st of August as she sets off to live in Botswana. But before she does, we decided to hear her story again and also hear about what lies ahead. Jackie came to the UK 11 years ago to complete her Masters degree.Continue reading “Botswana on the horizon, Jackie’s story”