Why Black Lives Matter To Us

AS AFRICAN Americans and the wider Black diaspora came to terms with the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, the murder of five police officers quickly shifted public attention from Black Lives to ‘Blue Lives’. One explanation for this shift may be that, in the national consciousness of the US, white lives are worthContinue reading “Why Black Lives Matter To Us”

Challenging the Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Yorkshire Context

Just West Yorkshire facilitated a meeting with key national and Yorkshire based organisations involved in CSE work to facilitate an open and honest discussion on the issue of child sexual exploitation and particularly street grooming in the region. The aims of the meeting were to: a. understand the problem b. explore intervention strategies c. developContinue reading “Challenging the Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Yorkshire Context”

Britain: racial violence and the politics of hate

Abstract: Drawing on research into racist attacks in three cities, this report reveals a changing geography of racial violence in the UK (in terms of new areas and targets), and sets this in the context of the socially destructive impact of neoliberalism and government policies to manage the UK’s changing demographic make-up. With racial violenceContinue reading “Britain: racial violence and the politics of hate”