Become a Member

A picture of the RJN team and associates, standing together and smiling
The Team

The Racial Justice Network’s power comes from its membership: individuals, community groups and organisations who work with us to advocate for racial justice. We work with members directly and also connect different members so they can better achieve this change.

By becoming a member you will join a network to ensure racially minoritised individuals are treated fairly, with respect and dignity. You will become a member of a network that wants to change negative perceptions of migration and stand up to racism and xenophobia.

Benefits of becoming a member:

  1. Opportunity to get support and training on a range of areas in relation to racial justice. For example, our recent 6 month training course
  2. Opportunity to sign up to forthcoming residentials, mailing list
  3. Opportunity to participate, volunteer, mentor others in the group.
  4. Opportunity to participate and suggest campaign ideas to other members.
  5. Opportunity to shape the network’s strategic direction.
  6. Opportunity to link with others in the group.
  7. Contribute to media platforms including regular radio show BCB radio, etc.
  8. Benefit from our links and collaborations with our local, national and international Partner organisations.

What we ask of you:

  • Participate in meetings, actions and events.
  • Connect and link with other members.
  • Support new members who join.
  • Commit to the network’s values.
  • Contribute to the networks callouts, publications and research.
  • Where possible, invite members to make a regular financial donation.