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Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Structural Vulnerabilities, Resilience and Migrant Communities-led responses to COVID-19 in West Yorkshire

Our report highlights the resilience and resourcefulness of diaspora communities during the pandemic whilst between a rock and a hard place. It articulates the systemic underpinnings of the pandemic’s impact on migrant communities and captures lived experience, not simply as a vehicle for the expression of traumas, but as a form of agency for influencing structural change.

Fight The Flight: Stop the Deportation to Zimbabwe

We are a working group with members from ZHRO (Zimbabwe Human Rights Group), ROHR (Zimbabwe Restoration of Human Rights), MDC-A (Movement  for Democratic  Change Alliance) and ZAPU along with other Zimbabweans living in the UK and various organisations who have been coordinating efforts to stop the deportation of people back to Zimbabwe. We have gatheredContinue reading “Fight The Flight: Stop the Deportation to Zimbabwe”

More dates announced for Unlearning Racism

Since all of the course places we announced on Tuesday have already sold out, we are announcing two further West Yorkshire intakes for August and September. We expect to be able to offer greater accessibility options on our September intake, and we’ll ask you for specifics about your requirements during the sign-up process.


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