Text overlayed over four pictures of bags of donations that reads:
Campaign to support vulnerable groups during COVID-19 lockdown

97 individuals received mobile top ups.
101 families (198+ kids) received toys, books, puzzles.
£3,008.41 donated.
397 articles from wishlist.
1,000 toys, books, puzzles donated.
Thank you!

While we are still grappling with the current global situation that has torn through the heart of our communities we are beyond overwhelmed with the kindness of our friends, family and strangers. It is because of you, our volunteers and community leaders that we have been able to support those most impacted by COVID-19 lockdown. In less than a month we have received:

  • £3,008.41 from 78 donors
  • 397 articles purchased from our Amazon wishlists
  • Countless toys, books, puzzles and board games dropped off at our collection points

It is because of these donations we have been able to support:

  • 97 individuals with mobile top ups
  • 22 top ups & devices for 22 ppl Leeds Unity Centre
  • 20 top ups for Sudanese Community in Bradford
  • 15 top ups for LQTBQ+ asylum seekers in Bradford
  • 20 top ups for BIASAN Bradford
  • 20 top ups for Abigail Housing Destitution Project 
  • 101 families including 198+ kids with toys, board games, books, puzzles
  • 6 families from Eritrean and Ethiopian Young Women Group (8 Kids)
  • 21 families from Sudanese Community in Bradford (45 kids)
  • 8 new arriving families supported by Bradford Refugee Action (20 kids)
  • 20 families from West Yorkshire Somali Association (30+ Kids)
  • 21 families from Swahili Cultural Community (30+ Kids)
  • 10 families from Leeds Unity Centre (22 kids)  
  • 2 families in Leeds (4 Kids) 
  • 13 families supported by BIASAN Bradford (39 kids) 

We would like to thank our community leaders who have worked tirelessly. Our volunteers who have made packages for families, reached out to organisations, coordinated delivery and drop offs, managed social media accounts and written letters to local governments. This is an act of community love, of resistance against systems of oppression which disproportionately impact Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) and migrant communities. 

We will be making a momentary pause on material donations to focus on the second stage of this campaign. However, we are in dire need of smartphones and tablets so please contact us if you have these items to donate. We will now centre our attention in lobbying the government to improve the living conditions of BIPOC and migrant communities most impacted by COVID-19 and strengthening community connections/actions. We will continue to support individuals and communities so please reach out if you are in need or know someone that can benefit from this campaign. 

In solidarity,

Racial Justice Network and Yorkshire Resists 

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