Want to practically support our response to COVID-19?

During this difficult time, many of us rely on books, music, tablets, and games to get through the day, look after kids, or connect with our support systems. But some of the most vulnerable are unable to. At RJN, we are seeking donations to support undocumented, asylum and refugee communities.

How can I help?

Choose an item from our Amazon Wishlist for Leeds or Bradford, OR send items to:

Racial Justice Network
5 Eltham Drive
Leeds, West Yorkshire LS6 2TU
Sudanese Community/Racial Justice Network
65 Douglas Road
Bradford, West Yorkshire BD4 8QN

Why should I help?

Asylum seekers earn about £5 a day and do not have the right to open bank accounts. This affects their ability to have internet and pay the TV license. We have heard from many refugee communities suffering from mental health issues because they can no longer be in contact with their support systems due to social distancing.

In this context, daily activities are vital to the well-being of adults and children during lockdown. While we are lobbying local authorities on these issues, we are also focusing on practical solutions and your support will be invaluable.

What items can I donate?

– Old mobiles, tablets, computers with chargers and TVs, (working)

– Colouring books (children & adults)                   

– Colouring pencils and pens

– Paint by numbers

– Knitting & crochet material (needles, yarn, patterns)

– Indoor gardening (soil, seeds, pots, tools)

– Board games, toys and plasticine

– Books (children & adults, any language)

– Puzzles for adults & children

– Arts & craft activities (children & adults)

Or make a monetary donation to fund purchases like these here:

RJN has written to Leeds and Bradford councils to ask for various measures to support people living in precarious conditions due to the Hostile Environment. You can read the letter here.

Co-signing organisations include: Global Bradford, Leeds Refugee Forum, Yorkshire Resists, Sudanese Community Bradford, Leeds No Borders, The 3 Million and Leeds Unity Centre.

A poster image, saying:
A call for donationa for those in need in West Yorkshire.
The Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent quanratine of communities has caused many households to lose their livelihood and income. Amongst the most vulnerable are those seeking asylum and refude, undocumented people and BME groups.

To help: Please read the attached letter and donate any of the articles listed
Make a monetary donation to The Racial Justice Network
Buy something from our wish list for Leeds or Bradford.

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