RACIAL JUSTICE NETWORK, 2019 round-up, looking forward to 2020

  It’s been a busy, remarkable year for us. Whilst we try our best to respond to the continued and worsening hardships that are undoubtedly on the way, we have striven always to keep our core beliefs and lived experiences at the heart of our practice. We do not want to paint a picture thatContinue reading “RACIAL JUSTICE NETWORK, 2019 round-up, looking forward to 2020”

When Human Suffering is Not Enough

A four year old boy sleeping on a floor wasn’t enough and that feels shitty. But that four year old was never enough, neither the elderly Jamaican man dying in a country he never knew, or that woman under the rubble created by UK arms dealers, or the species that are being choked by bigContinue reading “When Human Suffering is Not Enough”

Hope not Fear, This Election…

As an anti-racist organisation, we are urging everybody that can to get out and vote in what looks set to be one of the biggest election in our lifetimes.  Whilst we maintain that change primarily occurs outside of electoral politics, there is simply too much at stake to stand by in this election. Indeed, asContinue reading “Hope not Fear, This Election…”

Christchurch massacre: a symptom of deep-rooted Islamophobia

The Christchurch massacre is a brutal and despicable act of terror. The targeted murder of 49 Muslims in two New Zealand mosques demonstrates the seriousness with which we must treat Islamophobia. In much of the subsequent media coverage and political condemnation, we can see a deliberate and dangerous attempt to omit that the victims were Muslim,Continue reading “Christchurch massacre: a symptom of deep-rooted Islamophobia”

Let Go of the Baby

Repost date: 03/11/2020 NOTE: THE RACIAL JUSTICE NETWORK WROTE THIS BLOG 03/03/2019. WE ARE REPOSTING IT IN RESPONSE TO COMIC RELIEF’S DECISION TO NO LONGER SEND CELEBRTITIES TO AFRICA. As another Comic Relief approaches, now in it’s 33rd year, Black and Brown communities all over the UK brace ourselves for a narrative that presents us,Continue reading “Let Go of the Baby”

Yorkshire Resists the Hostile Environment

Activists and organisers across Yorkshire are invited to create a network of alliances around the common goal of resisting the UK government’s hostile environment policies. Each group or individual will be asked to introduce themselves and talk about their current areas of interest, challenges and what resources they need and may offer to others. AContinue reading “Yorkshire Resists the Hostile Environment”