Collective Conversations

Keen to facilitate safer spaces and ensure race analysis is acknowledged and layered within other oppressions and issues, we have been organising monthly talks, panels, forums to highlight intersections and continue public sensitisation and conscientisation.

The talks which are open to the public, centre on race offering race lens, analysis and literacy when addressing other issues, identities and oppressions for example gender, class, sexuality, disability, migration, faith, policing, education, climate justice.

Sessions included:
Race and Intergenerational Activism, Race and Gender: Moving Towards a Feminist Man-nifesto, Race and Education, Race and Policing, Race and (dis)ability, Race and Sexuality, Race and Climate Justice, Race and surveillance, Whiteness, Reparations amongst other.

Black & Brown Space

Within the collective conversations, the Racial Justice Network organises events, spaces and forums specifically aimed at Black and Brown communities to connect, share and repair together. Due to the pandemic, our more recent events have been taking place online. Examples include;

  1. Black Trauma and Black pain.

A space to start conversations around race, racialisation and racism following the murder of George Floyd. Speaking to the exhaustion, trauma and retraumatisation and exhaustion and Black pain.

2. Identity, space and intersections

We asked the question: what does this mean for the different identities and spaces we must navigate?

3. Black & Brown Space – Alliances: Resisting Divide & Conquer Part II
We discussed divide and rule, how it emerges to weaken movements and how we fall prey to the tactics –  we also explored the importance of building alliance and intersectional approaches that create strength, sustains our activism, and allows us to work together towards bringing about systemic change.

4. Black & Brown Space – Mobilising & Organising Part III
Within this topic we explored the necessity for practical solutions in dismantling various forms of oppressive practices. We also delved into effective strategies and tools, and identified the key qualities and attributes needed when mobilising and organising.