International Solidarity

In recent years, our work has transcended borders and become more expansive in its scope and reach. As we strive to combat systemic racism and dismantle its enduring legacy, we recognize the importance of embracing international solidarity and building networks across the globe. We are privileged to have forged meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations in the Majority World, and we are committed to fostering strong and enduring communities that are resolutely anti-racist. Our work in this regard has taken us to countries as diverse as Kenya and Brazil, where we have built alliances and engaged in crucial conversations about the persistence of colonial legacies and their impact on marginalized communities. By sharing our knowledge, experiences, and resources, we hope to build a world that is more equitable, just, and inclusive for all.


This video showcases the incredible work of an innovative and collaborative project that brings together an array of passionate individuals and organizations from diverse fields. The Racial Justice Network, Kenyan activists and artivists, the University of Nairobi, the African Digital Media Institute, and the University of Manchester joined forces to curate a powerful program of events with a shared focus on decolonizing education and mobilizing for social justice. Through a dynamic series of workshops, talks, presentations, and creative expressions, this group tapped into a rich wellspring of expertise and experience to challenge dominant narratives and develop alternative visions for more equitable and inclusive futures. By centering the voices and experiences of marginalized communities, this project represents a bold and inspiring effort to build bridges across borders and create meaningful change.