Pastoral Work​

We offer tailored one on one support to strategise and move ideas and challenges to action. This has been in the form of disempowered communities starting new community groups, making links with authorities and connecting to other groups facing similar issues. Other forms include individual aspirations of challenging, highlighting or speaking to injustices.

Hate Crime Report

Our report emerged as a result of individuals seeking out support through RJN as a result of police inaction, poor communication and lack of support. Individuals were dealing with hate crime at the time of approaching RJN. We observed the similarities in their experiences of hate crime and thought it imperative that their voices are heard.

The report emerges in wake of imminent talks around the upcoming Brexit deadline set for 31st December, and presents hate crime as an inevitable consequence of Brexit discussions and two other key elements namely Covid-19 and the hostile environment policy. 

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Sankofa Afrika

Our most recent 1-2-1 support was with our member organisation, Sankofa Afrika study group who are an educational community seeking to empower people by redistributing knowledge of African history. Classes are delivered by respected community educators Kwame Gad and Malcolm Phillip, who credit this learning as having given them clarity and a sense of self and purpose. Kwame and Malcolm have steadily been agents for healing, learning, repair and social change. We have supported comms strategy, facilitation, tech and reaching out to volunteers who were keen to offer their skills and expertise to the study group.

Malcolm Phillip and Kwame Gad