Race and Climate Justice

Our Race and Climate Justice group organized an event that was an absolute success. The official launch of “The 13th Recommendation: Climate Justice, Internationalism & Coloniality” was something that we were all proud of. This recommendation was formed after the Racial Justice Network was deliberately excluded from the final 12 recommendations for the future of Leeds. We felt that it was necessary for us to ensure that our voices are heard, which is why we took it upon ourselves to create our own recommendation.

We were privileged to have received input from the Surala sisters who are based in the Amazon in Brazil. They spoke passionately about life in the Amazon and the challenges they face in protecting natural resources from the extractivist industry and neocolonialism. Through their courageous efforts, we were able to hear from Allen Satere Maule and Dra Ionata Smikadi. Our director, Peninah, had the opportunity to meet them in Brazil.

We have captured all of these moments in a video, which we encourage you to view below.