Climate Justice

What started out as a Collective Conversation, the Race & Climate Justice group have grown into a committed group of individuals who come together on a monthly basis to learn together and deepen their understanding of climate justice. Find below a list of events we’ve held this year, as well as our 13th recommendation…

Keen to facilitate safer spaces and ensure race analysis is acknowledged and layered within other oppressions? Get in touch via

Race & Climate Justice:
Our Interconnected Struggles


Race & Climate Justice Part 3:
13th Recommendation


Critical Analysis of Climate ‘Solutions’

Race & Climate Justice Part 2

Race & Climate Justice Part 4: Solidarities

Race & Climate Justice: 13th Recommendation Public Event

Thirteenth Recommendation

Our Race & Climate Justice group proudly hosted the official launch of The 13th Recommendation: Climate Justice, Internationalism & Coloniality (blog link). The 13th recommendation highlights the need for an international perspective on climate justice, understanding towards the interconnectedness of oppression’s and struggles, and addressing the colonial legacies which perpetuate these struggles through the exploitation of the majority world.

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