The UK government made the decision to block the implementation of the Scottish Gender Recognition Reform Bill under section 35 of the Scotland Act. This comes at a first in the history of devolution.

The UK’s recent restrictions towards the bill includes stopping the gender recognition certificate (GRA 2004) which recognisied and respected trans men and women’s gender in over 20 countries including Canada,Australia and various states in America. The recent changes places many individuals in unprecedented and unsafe circumstances.

According to a recent Census, trans people make up 0.5% of the population here in the UK. Only 0.2 % of trans men and women are able to benefit from The Gender Recognition Bill.

Recorded hate crime against trans individuals in England and Wales increased by 56% since 2020. This also opens up a wider intersectional conversation to be held, with Black and Brown trans women facing some of the highest levels of discrimination amongst the community, this implements and outlines anti-transgender biases and structural racism.

Although the percentage of people who identify as transgender in the UK is small, it is still our responsibility to acknowledge the infliction’s marginalised individuals face. The recent blockage of the bill creates a threat to those who deserve to be respected.

We will provide further updates in regards to the bill in the coming months ahead.

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