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BBC Bradford Radio Racial Justice Network on Hate Crime
Project Officer, Sharon Anyiam, joins BBC Radio Bradford to discuss our hate crime report.

BBC Bradford Radio

BCB Radio – Race Matters with Trustee’s Sai Murray, Maureen Grant & Laura Loyola-Hernández
A discussion with invited guests on international, national and local issues. Note, this episode contains references to violence, discussions on race, mental health.

BCB Radio Interview: Race Matters

13th Recommendation, Grounding and Provocation
What is #ENDSARS?
What is #ENDSARS?
Jannat Hosssain: What’s The Difference Between Mobilising and Organising?
5 Ways to Disrupt Racism
BBC Radio Leeds – Black & Brown Drop Our Rate From Universities
Track and Trace: Police and the Criminalisation
Tchiyiwe Thandiwe Chihana: What Does Success & Failure Look Like In Mobilising & Organising?
Resist Remember Repair! Racial Justice Network in Kenya C
Race & Climate Justice – Mudança no clima Alter do Chão

Penny Wangari-Jones: What’s the Difference Between Mobilising & Organising?
Sankofa Afrikan History Class – Empowering Community Through Education
13th Recommendation

Annual Gather Up Celebration 2023

Mark your calendars! The Racial Justice Network’s exciting annual Gather Up event is around the corner. Join us for a day full of workshops, Open Mic performances, networking opportunities, community consultation and care, edutainment, and delicious local cuisine. This open event aims to foster discussions around the significance of community care as well as provide…