On Saturday 22nd April, there will be a day of solidarity led by grassroots collectives across Yorkshire. Join us by attending events in Leeds or Halifax:

In Leeds, Yorkshire Resists will be holding a space for solidarity and community. We will break down the Bill and what this means for our communities in West Yorkshire. We will hear from collectives supporting migrants in West Yorkshire and find ways we can both support them and map ways to resist this bill. Follow @yorkshireresists on Instagram to keep an eye out for the ‘Resisting the Small Boats Bill’ event. Email stopthescan@racialjusticenetwork.co.uk  for the latest updates.

In Halifax, These Walls Must Fall and Solidarity Knows No Borders will be holding a peaceful protest against the Bill at 1pm in Halifax Square, calling on local authorities and legislators in Parliament to pass a motion to reject this Bill. For more information, email vee@righttoremain.org.uk 

In addition, the Stop the Scan campaign has produced several reports on Hostile Environment technologies – including mobile fingerprint scanners and facial recognition. Download the latest reports here to find out how this affects your area and share with your networks by retweeting here.

Join us in solidarity, in community. End the hostile environment.

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