We aim to continue our support and further educate people in our different project groups this year. From our Unlearning Racism Course set to start their Weekend Course in February, to The Race & Climate Collective releasing their 2023 event dates.

Unlearning Racism Course

‘The course is designed to be a participatory, critical and experiential learning journey to deepen our understanding of whiteness and white supremacy culture, anti-racism work and racial justice movements.’

This course is designed to allow white folks to gain greater awareness and approach their racial justice work with greater intentionality. This is not the end point, Racial Justice Network (RJN) hopes doing the work of unlearning is the first step in the journey to build community of resistance for racial justice.

The course includes:
-Approx. 20 hours of facilitated workshops.
-10 hours of self directed learning based on course materials.
-Access to action-oriented follow on training and peer support.

Please Note

*Applications are closed for February’s Weekend Course.* The next rollout for the course will be in summer 2023. Join URC Mailing List for more updates on course dates.

Race & Climate Justice Collective

Our Race & Climate Justice group proudly hosted the official launch of The 13th Recommendation: Climate Justice, Internationalism & Coloniality. The 13th recommendation was conceived following the involvement of the Racial Justice Network in our future Leeds in which their input was omitted from the final 12 recommendations.

This year, RCJ continue to host events and sessions for people to join. The collective will see both online and in person events set to be held in Leeds based locations.

Event Dates

Sessions are held on the last Tuesday of the month.

Taking Care with Language: Climate Justice Glossary31 January

Rights and responsibilities in Climate justice (with scenarios)
28 February

What are solutions in climate justice? (Scenarios and discussions) involve a different organisation
28 March

What is colonialism and Coloniality in the context of Climate justice- Learning from the South Part 1: Kenya (guest speaker and discussion)
25 April

Learning from the South Part 2: Abya Yala- A dialogue with the nature of the struggle for the protection of life (guest speakers and discussion).
30 May
Moving through by remembering the way27 June
Solutions – Reparations25 July
Connecting with communities of resistance25 September
Reaching out to communities in Leeds and Bradford.30 October
Event timetable

Next Event

Topic: Taking Care With Language: Climate Justice Glossary

Date: Tuesday 31st January, 6 PM-7.30 PM


Black & Brown Collective Conversations

Within the collective conversations, the Racial Justice Network organises events, spaces and forums specifically aimed at Black and Brown communities to connect, share and repair together. In 2022 we re launched the project with our first event being a film screening + discussion centered around the lives of queer Black and Brown Folk.

Attendes of the ‘Queerness is Heritage’ film screening and discussion. (14/10/22)

This year we are keen to facilitate safer spaces and ensure race analysis is acknowledged and layered within other oppressions and issues. With organising monthly talks, panels, forums to highlight intersections and continue public sensitisation and conscientisation.

Keep an eye out this year for our Black & Brown Collective Conversations events.


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