Our Team

Penny Wangari-Jones

Peninah Wangari-Jones is an anti-racist activist, organiser and Director at the Racial Justice Network. With a focus on Coloniality, social justice, race equality &equity and marginalised communities,
Interests include migration, intersections, building power and movements. She is also undertaking a PhD at University of Manchester on impact of colonially on Black activism

Remi Joseph-Salisbury
Organiser and Trustee

Remi Joseph-Salisbury is an anti-racist activist and academic. His writing and organising primarily focuses on racisms in education and policing. As well as being a trustee at the Racial Justice Network, he is a member of the Northern Police Monitoring Project steering group, and a Presidential Fellow in Ethnicities and Inequalities at the University of Manchester.

Image of Richard Tavernier, Trustee
Richard Tavernier

Richard Tavernier is a lecturer on Race and Ethnicity Studies at the University of Leeds. Currently the Director of the BA Social Science Programme and a member of the BME staff. Research and Interest focuses on second, third and fourth generation of Mixers with an emphasis on the Whitening process, Denial of Blackness, Black Shame and the overt use of White Privilege.

Image of Sai Murray, trustee
Sai Murray

Sai Murray is a writer, poet, graphic artist of Bajan/Afrikan/English heritage. He is a member of Virtual Migrants, organising member of PARCOE (Pan Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe) and a founding artistic director of youth arts campaigning programme Voices That Shake!.

Image of Sipilien Birani
Sipilien Birani

Birani is an advocate for people seeking asylum and issues relating to migration, destitution, poverty, the hostile environment. With previous employment history in banking, Birani also supports Zimbabwean human rights group, Leeds Unity, Yorkshire Resists and also a trustee at Pathras.

Image of Desiree Reynolds
Desiree Reynolds

Desiree Reynolds is a journalist, writes book and film reviews. Desiree is a broadcaster, creative writing workshop facilitator, DJ and mentor. She has had several short stories published in various publications, including A Generation Defining Itself, Hair: A Journey into the Afro and Asian Experience, Moss Side Stories, The Suitcase Book of Love Poems and Tangled Roots. She is currently working on a collection of short stories, based on growing up in South London and a novel about the collapse of the plantation system in the Caribbean. Her first novel, Seduce, is out now from Peepal Tree Press.

Eve Doran
Project Officer

Eve is a trained Sociology and Psychology teacher of Irish/Antiguan heritage currently completing an MA in Race, Education and Decolonial Thought. Raised and educated in Ireland, having spent a number of years travelling and working in mental health and youth work, she moved to the North of England to pursue a career in Education. Interests include Black literature, contemporary Black art and critical pedagogy.

Liz Taylor-Johnson
Communications Officer

Liz is a writer, anti-racist activist and holds a BA in Communications and Media. She is of British/Kittian/
Portuguese heritage, and the founding director of The ‘Other’ Magazine, an online platform celebrating the muted voice of those marginalised for their ‘otherness’. Interests include challenging mental health norms within black & brown communities, Black Literature, and also challenging Black representations in film & TV.

Sharon Anyiam
Project Officer

Sharon is an anti-racist organiser who has been a member of RJN since 2018 and has helped facilitate various local and international community engagements. Her passion for social justice also motivates her research interest, thus she is also a PhD researcher exploring Black millennials, criminalisation and resistance and lectures part-time.

Esther Stanford-Xosei

Esther Stanford-Xosei is a Jurisconsult, dynamic Pan-Afrikanist community advocate, specialising in the critical legal praxis of ‘law as resistance’ and Reparationist.

Image of Farzana Khan, trustee
Farzana Khan

Farzana Khan is a cultural producer and an award-winning arts educator. Farzana works at Platform, a climate and social justice organisation working across arts, education, research and activism. Farzana has over 10 years background in youth and community work particularly focused on arts-based education projects both in the UK and internationally. Her academic focus has been on radical and transformative education through creativity. She is the co-founder of Healing Justice London, building community repair and self-transformation models based on non-eurocentric methods for communities of colour. Farzana is a Fellow at the International Curatorial Forum and currently curating a Black Activism Map with the Stuart Hall Foundation, mapping cultural resistance in the UK. Her areas of work and writing focus gender and racial justice, self and social transformation to interrupt cycles of harm and violence, community repair and self-healing.