Our Work and Current Projects

Race and Climate Justice- the 13th recommendation.

The 13th recommendation was conceived following the involvement of the racial justice network in our future Leeds in which their input was omitted from the final 12 recommendations.

The recommendation highlights the need for an international perspective on climate justice, understanding towards the interconnectedness of oppression’s and struggles, and addressing the colonial legacies which perpetuate these struggles through exploitation of the majority world. This project begun in March 2020 as : Race and Climate Justice and interconnected struggles.

Covid-19 response and actions

We launched a ‘Covid Response’ campaign highlighting poor, migrant communities need for support. The campaign focused on three things, firstly, to raise awareness about the plight, find and share resources. Secondly, to assist in connecting the community groups and leaders together, and share resources. Thirdly, engaging and working with these groups to lobby local and national authorities for better conditions.

We are now embarking on the second and third objectives.

Stop the Scan Campaign

Stop The Scan is a campaign to resist the extension of mobile biometrics used in police stop and search connected with Home Office data.

Pastoral work

We offer tailored one on one support to strategise and move ideas and challenges to action. This has been in the form of disempowered communities starting new community groups, making links with authorities and connecting to other groups facing similar issues. Other forms include individual aspirations of challenging, highlighting or speaking to injustices.

International Solidarities

To address colonial legacies and strengthen our work, we have reached out and build alliances globally particularly in Kenya and Brazil. This work is driven by our desire to understand the global nature of the colonial legacies we seek to challenge, to offer support, share learnings and resources.

Collective Conversations

Keen to facilitate safer spaces and ensure race analysis is acknowledged and layered within other oppressions, we have been organising monthly talks, panels, forums to highlight intersections and continue public sensitisation and conscientisation. The talks centring race offer race lens, analysis and literacy when addressing other strands for example gender, class, sexuality, disability, migration, faith, policing, education, climate justice.

Unlearning Racism Training

Unlearning Racism is an initiative aimed at equipping white people to be able to consciously take part in collective liberation guided by People of Colour. More information can be found here.

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