Covid-19 Response

We launched a ‘Covid Response’ campaign highlighting poor, migrant communities’ need for support. The campaign focused on three things, firstly, to raise awareness about the plight, find and share resources. Due to the donations and support we received we supported over 600 individuals during the first stage of the campaign[Maybe link to gallery photos of the donations we received]. Secondly, to assist in connecting the community groups and leaders together, and share resources. Thirdly, engaging and working with these groups to lobby local and national authorities for better conditions.

Our second objective has led to the establishing of our Community Advocates, who are active members of various groups throughout West Yorkshire. Since the lockdown we convened multiple online meetings with community advocates to hear, support  and encourage one another. [Maybe links to testimonials from community advocates would be useful somewhere in this paragraph]

Inspired and impressed with how communities responded to the  pandemic, despite the myriad of barriers and multiple challenges they face, our third objective led us to undertake interviews to produce a report that highlighted the challenges, resilience and community response to COVID-19.

See some responses to our campaign below!

If you’d like to donate or find out more about our Covid-19 Response Campaign, contact

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