Over the past few years, our work has become more international and we have developed meaningful relationships with comrades in the majority world. We want to develop large and resilient communities that are committed to anti-racism , and are emboldened to tackle racisms that impact upon or lives and the lives of others elsewhere.. moving beyond colonially-imposed borders.

To address colonial legacies and strengthen our work, we have reached out and build alliances globally particularly in Kenya and Brazil. This work is driven by our desire for international solidarities to understand the global nature of the colonial legacies we seek to challenge, to offer support, share learnings and resources.



This video highlights a collaboration between The Racial Justice Network, Kenyan activists and artivists, the University of Nairobi, African Digital Media Institute and the University of Manchester. Together they curated a programme of events focusing on the decolonisation of education and activisms.

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