Race and Climate Justice

We had input via video from Surala sisters in the Amazon in Brazil with the help Allen Satere Maule and Dra Ionata Smikadi who RJN director Peninah had met in Brazil, who spoke on life in the Amazon and their efforts to protect natural resources in the face of extractivist industry and neocolonialism: see video above!

Our Race & Climate Justice group proudly hosted the official launch of The 13th Recommendation: Climate Justice, Internationalism & Coloniality. The 13th recommendation was conceived following the involvement of the Racial Justice Network in our future Leeds in which their input was omitted from the final 12 recommendations.

The recommendation highlights the need for an international perspective on climate justice, understanding towards the interconnectedness of oppression’s and struggles, and addressing the colonial legacies which perpetuate these struggles through exploitation of the majority world. This project begun in March 2020 as : Race and Climate Justice and interconnected struggles.

The launch of the recommendation gave an opportunity for us to reframe the narrative around 3 key tenets (internationalism, colonial legacies and activist solidarity), decolonise the climate movement and see the interconnectedness of climate to social justice and to universal oppressions rooted in colonialism.

Want to get involved? Get in touch via info@racialjusticenetwork.co.uk

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