Stop the Scan
Stop The Data Discrimination:

Digital Hostile Environments and The Dangers of the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill. The Hostile Environment is propped up by a vast infrastructure of surveillance, and its tact

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Racial Justice
How will the new West Yorkshire mayor address the needs of the community?

People in West Yorkshire have voted for a new regional mayor – which includes the role of Police and Crime Commissioner. With the incoming regional mayor, and the current conversations

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Racial Injustice
RJN’s long read on the Policing Bill: The Impact on West Yorkshire and beyond

Earlier this month, the much anticipated Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill was published by the Home Office

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Racial Injustice Racial Justice
COVID-19 penalty functions added to police mobiles

Cross-posted with the Stop The Scan campaign on 9th June In yet another alarming development the police use of Motorola’s PRONTO software (Police Reporting and Notebook Organiser, PRONTO)

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Racial Injustice Racial Justice Unlearning Racism
We Still Can’t Breathe: Channeling Our Rage to Action

The oppression and destruction of Black and Brown bodies is global. The use of state forces against the most marginalised is global. The narrative of white liberals believing that we’re so

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