Unlearning Racism
More dates announced for Unlearning Racism

EDIT: these intakes are now open to people from across the north of England! Since all of the course places we announced on Tuesday have already sold out, we are announcing two further [&

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Racial Injustice Racial Justice
Free Speech and Sanitising History

At RJN we want to express our grave concern about the encroaching powers the government is having on freedom of speech, education and charities with the aim to silence and bury history. Moti

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Report on the public perception of police fingerprint scanning

Mobile biometric devices are handheld fingerprint scanners that police officers can use to check, on the spot, a person’s identity by matching the image of the fingerprint taken against th

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Racial Injustice
Dying to Live: Patel and Posse Policies

The horrific image of Mercy Baguma being found dead with a toddler beside her lingers and I wonder what this child would think or ask of this government when he grows up and learns his moth

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Racial Justice Unlearning Racism

Showing solidarity through social media, and providing much needed donations to relief funds, is important work. It provides visibility to injustice and responds to the needs of the immediat

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Racial Injustice Racial Justice Unlearning Racism
We Still Can’t Breathe: Channeling Our Rage to Action

The oppression and destruction of Black and Brown bodies is global. The use of state forces against the most marginalised is global. The narrative of white liberals believing that we’re so

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The Innocence of white women

Following the current situation involving Amy Cooper, it felt appropriate to repost this article published here two years ago... Anaïs Duong-Pedica reflects on white fragility, white women'

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