RJN’s Race and Climate Justice Collective is delighted to welcome you all to join us for the first session in the 2023 Race and Climate Justice Learning series

About this event

We begin with the Race and Climate Justice Glossary and in this first session, Abigail will feature an exercise: ‘A Song To The Earth: Channeling Ubuntu in the 13th Recommendation through letter writing’. This will look to support how we engage with the series by exploring the way we use language when in discussion about climate and ecological crises and contexts more generally. We will share ways in which we can practice using language with more care, and attention to the principles of the 13th Recommendation Framework, focusing on Ubuntu and using the Climate Justice glossary.

In preparation for this session, we would like you to take a moment to think through the ways in which you use language when talking about climate and ecological crises. Are there any words that you regularly find to be problematic and if so, how? We would like you to bring these words to the session for a shared conversation in exploring both the difficulties and importance of using language carefully, respectfully and meaningfully for all.

Abigail is a BBC Assistant Producer with a degree in Psychology. Having previously worked alongside Mental Health advocate and researcher Dr Furaha Asani and former RJN trustee Dr Laura Loyola-Hernandez delivering a decolonising Psychology workshop, her work continues to share the importance of radical self-care. Her platform ‘In My Cerebellum’ invites you to be a guest to her journal entries including workshops that guide you to become a compassionate observer of your thoughts, look into different perspectives and formulate a story to get a deeper understanding of the self.

Date: Tue, 31st Jan 2023

Time: 18:00 – 19:30 BST

Venue: Online Event

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seagreen1610 01/17/2023

This says 2022?

sarairjn 01/17/2023

Thank you for flagging this up, we’ve updated and rectified the error 🙂

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