Tuesday 27th September,6-7.30pm
Race and Climate Justice series. Empathetic and holistic sessions which support the learning’s to undo the legacies of colonialism.

About this event

We have a special session this month. We want to come together to explore what a community of resistance is, how it interacts, and how it contributes to the important work of us uniting to RESIST oppressive institutions, governments, and their policies founded in ignorant ideas or greed, fear and hatred of what they neither know nor understand.

Solutions IV: Communities of Resistance-

We live within the earth and the earth lives within us!

What do we mean by a community of resistance? What does it look and feel like? More importantly who does it serve and why? When we work as minoritised and marginalised people, to resist oppressive institutions and ideologies that are present in this world, should we also be contemplating the relationships that support us to work effectively together, so that we can also build back better?

As we raise these questions, we notice how they relate to how we might think about our relationships with our whole environment. When we talk about the planetary crisis that we are experiencing, we notice that the relationships between ourselves and between ourselves and the Earth also need to be nurtured prioritised and encouraged if our local communities and ourselves are to also thrive and be repaired. Do we even realise that our bodies are mostly made up of other earth beings and matter (water, food, microbes of many kinds, and minerals. We are more earth than we might dare imagine!

In this session, we will explore how and why communities of resistance need to become more centred in organising alongside their kin activists. We will share about our plans to bring this to reality and to, in the future, embody these relationships.

At the same time, we will together explore the needs of those who are most on the front line of resistance and oppression and what you require of us who may be better situated to campaign. How can we best support and centre the most marginalised and oppressed so that our shared spaces visibilize these struggles and organising?

With care,

Race and Climate Collective

Date: Tue, 27 September 2022

Time: 18:00 – 19:30 BST

Venue: Online event

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