RJN contribution to the Leeds Climate Change Citizens’ Jury

In October 2019 RJN were asked to present testimony to the Leeds Climate Change Citizens’ Jury.

Our chosen theme for this testimony was the need for an international perspective to be considered in all thoughts, recommendations and action.

The 15-minute presentation from RJN director Peninah Wangari-Jones and trustee Sai Murray is below (from 13mins 29):

In addition, we were posed several questions around the need to consider climate change from an international perspective. Videos available below:

We look forward to hearing the recommendations for the city of Leeds and will continue to engage with our local and global communities to push the agenda of climate justice, recognising the climate debt owed to the majority world from exploiting countries (such as the UK) and striving towards the goal of holistic, economic, spiritual, environmental and cultural repairs to end racial injustice and to address legacies of colonialism.

Published by Sai Murray

Poet, writer, graphic artist of Bajan/Afrikan/English heritage. Trustee @racejustice Creative director @liquorice_fish Founding artistic director @voicesthatshake Artist @VirtualMigrants Organising member @ParcoeInfo

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