At the Racial Justice Network we understand the gravity of speaking to injustices faced by Black, Brown and migrant communities within West Yorkshire. Our reports are written under a race lens, using evidence, statistics, research and real lived-experiences to draw out and expose historical and current institutional and systemic racisms. Find our work below:

Hate Crime & System(ic) Injustice: a Report


November | 2020

The report emerges in wake of imminent talks around the upcoming Brexit deadline set for 31st December, and presents hate crime as an inevitable consequence of Brexit discussions and two other key elements namely Covid-19 and the hostile environment policy. 

Content warning: Please be aware, some may find the content of the report distressing as there are real life cases of hate crime documented by participants in the report.

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Report on the public perception of police fingerprint scanning

January | 2021

This report discusses issues that arose from an online survey (115 participants) conducted on the public’s perception of the mobile fingerprinting app at the end of 2020, as well as data obtained through a Freedom of Information (FOI) on the use of mobile biometrics in West Yorkshire during the latter phase of the pilot, between October 2018 and March 2019.

A graphic of a white hand holding a mobile scanning device, then black text on a yellow background, reading: "January 2021. Public's perception on the biometric services gateway (mobile fingerprint app). A report by: The Racial Justice Network and Yorkshire Resists." The purple logos of both organisations are shown below.

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