About RJN

The Racial Justice Network (RJN) brings together over thirty organisations and individuals from across the West Yorkshire region to proactively promote racial justice.

Our Vision

Holistic, Societal, Environmental, Spiritual and Cultural Repairs to address legacies of colonialism and end racial injustice.

Our Mission

  • Organise and mobilise with racially minoritised communities and take positive and effective action.
  • Raise awareness about race inequality and injustice by listening and working with disempowered communities to challenge and hold powers accountable.
  • Bring Racial justice into mainstream thought and build solidarity.

Our Values

  • Open to learning and sharing
  • Work collaboratively and in solidarity
  • Be united upon a clear vision and purpose
  • Inclusive and centre those who are most marginalised

Our Objectives

  • Develop knowledge, skills and capacity of racially minoritised groups to participate more fully in society
  • Build  a resilient community able to take positive and effective action on issues that affect them
  • Promote and create new paths to build a more equitable society
  • To collectively repair our (mis)education by enhanced awareness around race, racialisation and racism,  locally, nationally and globally
  • To maintain Race Analysis as core to the network and push race on the ‘Agenda
  • Be aware, consider and apply Intersections.