What we do

Activism, Organising and Mobilising

We listen and work with communities on effective ways of challenging oppressive practices. We support individuals and groups to embolden confidence and skills to tackle challenges, and to run effective campaigns. We also support and encourage people to build solidarity, and to mobilise large communities of resistance to affect change. . Our current work includes #StopTheScandal, a campaign to resist the use of mobile fingerprint scanners with links to immigration databases.

Research and Reports

We produce research on the issues affecting our communities, ignorer to provide a knowledge base to influence change. Our team has a wealth research experience, and can be commissioned for research on issues related to race, racism and migration. Where appropriate, we are happy and keen to work in collaboration with allied groups.

Informing and Influencing

Through networking and other activities, we engage and take spaces in order to influence decisions that affect marginalised communities. Whilst we primarily work at the grassroots level with communities of colour, in our commitment to ‘speaking truth to power’, we also engage with institutions and decision-makers where necessary. Where possible, we seek to influence public policies, bills and institutional practices.

We also speak regularly at national and international events. In using our platform in this way, we hope to raise awareness about issues facing our communities and to encourage others to do the same


Training and Workshops

With a highly experienced team of facilitators and trainers, we offer consultancy and deliver bespoke training for groups and institutions. We cover a wide range of topics related to migration, campaigning, organizing with special focus on race, racism and radicalization.

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As well as appearing on national and international media platforms, television and radio, we host a show at BCB radio. We also write regularly for mainstream media including The Guardian, The Independent, Red Pepper Magazine, The Voice , Open democracy and more.

We offer talks in the form of seminars, public speaking, panels discussions on a range of topics.

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